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You Can't Run From God

My Christian Testimony
Written By: Bobby Miller

I was born into a Christian Family in a small town in Indiana where all of my Grandparents were Christians. My Mom & Dad would always take Me & my Sisters to Church every Sunday. And if we stayed overnight at Grandma & Grandpa's house on a Sunday or Wednesday night you had to go to church. No Choice. Even to Revivals. My Grandpa Miller would preach at a church where he was the senior pastor. It was the church where all of my relatives went to church. And he would always preach at the revivals also. My Grandparents would always read the Bible and pray with us kids when we stayed overnight at their house. And we always prayed over our meals. And when we were home, my Mom & Dad would take us kids to church on Sunday Morning. And when I was 6 yrs. old my Sunday School teacher prayed with me and I accepted Jesus into my life.But I never knew what it really meant to truly live a Christian Life.So, I never read my Bible or prayed.

My Grandma Fletcher always told me that she always prayed for me everyday. Then when I was 21 yrs. old I owned a 1973 Ford Gran Torino Sport with a 351 4 barrel Cleveland engine in it and my uncle souped up the engine. Me & my friends decided to test my car out to see just how fast it could go. So, we turned on a road that my friends told me that had no curves. So, I pushed on the pedal and we were going 130 mph and still climbing. When I looked up, I saw a slight curve. So, I let up off of the gas pedal and when we went into the curve, the car went straight up on its right two wheels. When we came out of the curve, the car came down and landed on the pavement just like it landed on air. And we just kept on driving until we got home just like nothing ever happened. After this, I really believed my Grandma. And I was truly convinced that God did exist and angels did exist. Because I know that it was God and His Angels that kept that car from flipping over, and bringing it down like that. I was truly convinced that God existed.

And then soon after that I left my parents house, and I moved to Texas. First, to Ft. Stockton for about 6 months where I helped a friend by cashing a few stolen checks that he stole from his boss. Then I moved to El Paso for 3 months, and then to Austin,Tx. for 5 1/2 yrs. when I got there I got into heavy drugs and drinking. Then one night when I was going to this strip club to deliver some drugs to a dancer, Before I got there I got stopped by a police officer, and I ended up going to jail over those stolen checks and got sent back to the jail in Ft. Stockton until I went to court. And luckily, I only got 6 yrs. probation and I had to pay restitution for those checks. Then I moved back to Austin. And I got a job in a restaurant washing dishes and moved into a 3 bedroom apartment with 2 of the guys that I worked with. We used to hold poker games in our apartment with our co-workers. Then one night, I ended up having a seizure at home when me & my friends and my roommates were playing poker.They were also doing drugs & drinking. I also worked with them in a restaurant. And my boss would let us drink on the job & take cases of beer with us after work. They called the paramedics and one of the paramedics asked me how much drugs & drinking that I did that night, and when I told him and I told him that it was an every night thing, he then pointed his finger in my face and told me that if I kept on doing that, that the next time I had a seizure that I wouldn't wake up. I was 22 yrs. old at this time and that scared me to death. So, the next day was payday and I packed up all of my things into a duffle bag and went to work and picked up my paycheck and quit my job. And moved out of the apartment. My roommates asked me where I was going to live, and I told them I don't know, but I have to move out of here and get away from these drugs & drinking so I can quit. So,when I moved out I ended up living on the streets.

After awhile of living on the streets, I ran into this man who was selling flowers on a street corner and he ended up being a Christian, and he was camped out in a tent in a wooded area and he invited me to stay with him, his only 2 rules were No Drugs and No Drinking. And he got me a job selling flowers on a street corner with the same company that he worked for. After a few months we ended up buying a cabin-sized tent along with 2 cots, a propane cooking stove and moved to a larger wooded area and pitched our tent. Then we found a table that would fit between the cots and put a couple of candles in there for light. And we also found a large log to sit on and put it in front of our tent. After awhile, we quit selling flowers and worked out of the Texas Employment Commission doing construction and landscaping. And then after about 6 months my friend led me to The Lord and I became a Christian. Then we both dedicated our lives to God and promised to serve Him full time. We started our own street ministry and witnessed to and helped out the street people with money, new clothes and we would also buy them food. If they became a Christian, we would buy them a pup tent and help them pitch their tent in the same wooded area where we lived, so we could be there for them, in case they had any questions about God and/or the Bible. We would also hold Bible Studies in the woods every Sunday. My friend would lead the singing, and I would give the Bible Lesson. I spent alot of time reading and studying the Bible and praying everyday. We always went to the same 2 McDonalds everyday and we would take our Bibles and our radio so we could listen to Christian music and sermons and study our Bibles.

Then one day while we were having our coffee in McDonalds and listening to our radio programs and studying our Bibles on a busy Saturday afternoon around lunchtime with people constantly going in & out when a guy wearing old & dirty blue jeans and a dirty jacket carrying a small paper sack with him walked in and sat down at a back table near me & my friend's table. And he told us that he was living on the streets. He had long dirty blonde hair and gentle looking eyes and he had a glow in his eyes. After awhile, my friend told me that God told him to buy this guy some coffee and something to eat. And I told my friend, if God told you to do that then you better do it. So, he bought this guy some coffee and something to eat.We then closed both of our Bibles and went back to this guy's table and talked to him about God and the Bible and how to accept Jesus into his life and how to get saved and he was smiling the whole time we were talking to him about God and The Bible and how to be saved from his sins. The managers and workers knew us by name and went by and said hi to us while we were talking to this guy. After he was done eating and having his coffee, he was smiling and he thanked us and walked out. And right then we noticed that he left his paper sack behind. So,we looked inside of it, and there was nothing but a comb and bath items. We stepped outside to give him his paper sack back. And he was gone. We asked the people going in & out if they seen which way he went and they all said that there was nobody with his description who went out that door. we asked the managers and workers who walked by us and said hi during the time we were talking to this guy and they all said that they didn't see us talking to anyone. We then walked back to our table and we both opened up our Bible at the exact same time and they both opened up to Hebrews 13:1 & 2. Which says: "Let brotherly love continue. Do not forget to entertain strangers, for some have entertained angels unaware".Then one day soon after that a pastor who knew my friend found out about our street ministry and he invited us to run it out of his Church. But the Church Board wouldn't approve it and the pastor's wife said that me & my friend were just hippies playing church. That's when I walked away from the street ministry and walked away from serving God full-time. My friend then told me that God had told him that God wanted us to move to Ft. Stockton,TX. So we both packed up our duffle bags, and hit the interstate with our thumbs out to hitch a ride with only $10 between us. And between rides, we joined hands and prayed to God and asked Him to provide us with some money & food. Later that night, we found an empty cigarette pack with a $20 bill inside of the cellophane wrapper beside the road.

And then later on we found a fresh loaf of whole wheat bread laying beside the road. So, we prayed and thanked God for providing for us. We ended up getting a few rides, and when it got dark, it was cold & windy, and we got a ride from this guy who let us ride in the bed of his pick-up truck. When he dropped us off, he dropped us off in front of a DQ Fraizer. By this time we were broke. This lady who worked there asked us if we would like a cup of coffee, but we told her no because we didn't have any money and we just came in to get warm for about 15 minutes, then we would leave. But she said, I didn't ask you if you were going to buy a cup of coffee but I asked you would you like a cup of coffee. So, we said yes. While we were drinking our coffee she came over and asked us if we would like something to eat. Once again, we explained to her that we had no money. But once again, she said I didn't ask you if you wanted to buy something to eat, I asked you if you would like something to eat. So, once again we said yes. It turned out that both ladies who were working there that night were Christians and the Lord told them to give us some coffee and something to eat. So, we sat there for awhile and talked with them before we left. When we left we told them thank you for everything then we got back on the road and finally arrived in Ft. Stockton,TX. When we got there, it was nighttime.

So, we went to this truckstop to get some coffee and something to eat and to talk about what we were going to do tomorrow to find a job and a place to stay. When this guy in the next booth said to us, I didn't mean to eavesdrop but I heard you guys saying that you were looking for a job and a place to stay? And we told him yes. Then he said, Well, I own my own construction company and I need a couple of guys tomorrow for a job and I'll pay you $7.50 an hour. And if you guys do a good job for me and stay working for me, then I have a small house behind mine with all of the utilities turned on and you can stay there for free as long as you're working for me. Then we thanked God for blessing us with a job an a place to stay, and asked Him to lead us to a good church. So, we found a church and it turned out that the pastor's wife was 1st cousins with the guy that we were working for. Then after church, a man asked us if we needed some food for our house. And we told him yes that would help us until we got paid. We just assumed that it would be just a couple of boxes of food. But instead, it turned out to be when they showed up at our door a couple of hours after church, they brought us about 10-12 bags of groceries with meat, bread, eggs and canned goods and more. And this happened every 2 weeks. While we were there we never had to pay rent or buy groceries at all. Plus, we got paid weekly for working. After we left Ft. Stockton, we went back to Austin,TX. and stayed there for awhile. Then we went to Springfield,IL. where I met my wife. Her & I and my friend hitchiked back down to Austin, TX. and camped out in our cabin-sized tent. Her & I hitchiked down to Florida to visit my sister and my nieces for a few days and then we hitchiked back to Austin. After a few months, her & I and my friend moved back to Springfield,IL. where me & my wife got married. Her & I then moved to Jacksonville,IL. to stay with her mom for 6 months, then back to Springfield and we hooked back up with my friend.Then all 3 of us moved to Davie,Florida for about a year, where me & my friend drove an ice cream truck out of Ft.Lauderdale, Fla. After about 6 months after we moved to Florida, my wife got pregnant with our first child,my daughter. Six months later we were moving back to Illinois, when my wife went into labor in a truckstop in Savannah,GA. where the doctors in the hospital had to induce labor for 24 hours, then our beautiful daughter was born.

After about 2 weeks later, the doctors released my wife and daughter from the hospital and told us that it was OK to continue our move back to Illinois. On our way back, we decided to stop at my parents house in Indiana to show them our baby daughter. We almost decided to just stay & live in Indiana until my parents told us that they wouldn't have it because I was an embarrassment to them. So, we continued our move to Illinois, where we lived for about 3 1/2 yrs. and my wife gave birth to our 2 sons. All 3 of our children were taken away and adopted out to other families by the state. Then my wife & I decided to move down to Las Vegas,NV. to go to dealer's school and learn how to deal blackjack. And then I was arrested by the two undercover cops. Because when we were trying to hitch a ride to the hospital to get my seizure medicine, a car stopped to pick us up, they picked her up and took off when I trying to get in the car. And I found out by those two cops that she solicited them for sex. And so, they arrested me because they thought that I was pimping her out. They let me out and dropped the charges after she told them that I had nothing to do with it and that I wasn't pimping her out and that I knew nothing about her doing it. And they confirmed the story about us going to the hospital to get my seizure medicine by talking to the doctor that I talked with on the phone beforehand. We ended up splitting up after about 3 yrs. after I found out that she was cheating on me and sleeping with other guys when I was at work. And she got pregnant with another man's baby. And that was determined by a paternity test. After that I told her to leave and to go back home to her mom. So she left and she moved back to Illinois.

And I stayed in and worked in casinos here in Las Vegas for another 9 1/2 yrs. then I moved to Phoenix,AZ. for 2 yrs. where I worked in a Christian radio station for a year. And it turned out that the General Manager of the radio station was my great uncle's first cousin. And then I moved up to Southern Illinois to visit and stay with my sister & my nieces for about a year. While I lived in Illinois, I worked as a telemarketing supervisor & trainer for Kirby vacuum. Then I filled out an online application for Station Casinos but not expecting a call from them because of my Illinois address and phone number. But a week later they called me and set up an interview with me for the next week. So, my friend wired me $500 through Western Union to move back to Las Vegas for the interview, so I headed out toward Las Vegas,NV. and then when I was about 50 miles from Salina, Utah, my van broke down. And there is no cellphone reception out there whatsoever. So, while I was trying figure out what to do, a highway patrolman stopped behind me and we tried to figure out what was wrong with my van. He then had his dispatcher call my friend in Las Vegas to tell him that I was broken down and I would be a few days late. And he gave me a ride all the way in to Salina,Utah. And he dropped me off at a Denny's Restaurant so I could make some calls to find help. And there just happened to be a mechanic's garage next door. So, they towed my van in to their garage.

And then another friend of mine who was a Christian, helped me out with $750 to get my van fixed. I had to reschedule my interview 3 times with Station Casinos because it took over a week to get my van fixed. So,I moved back here to Las Vegas and stayed with my friend for about 6 months and started working for Station Casinos. While staying with my friend, I had a dream one night where I was at a train station talking to this elderly lady in a dark purple matching skirt, jacket and hat with a see thru veil over her face. After we boarded the train, we went thru this tunnel where there were flames of fire on both walls and ceiling of the tunnel, but the train didn't catch on fire. I then suddenly woke up and fixed some coffee, when God told me why He had me to be born into the family where He put me. He told me that He put me there because of the Christian upbringing that I would go through with my parents and grandparents. He then reminded me of the promise that I made Him about serving Him full-time over 30 yrs. before and told me that back then I was looking at and listening to people instead of looking to and listening to Him. And reminded me that the Country Music singers that I so much admired had to face and answer to Him just like I would have to answer to Him. He told me that I had to keep my promise to Him, I then immediatelly turned off my music, and prayed and read my Bible day & night for the next 3 days. So, about 2-3 yrs. ago I opened up my Bible when I went to bed and it opened up to Ecclesiastes 5:4-5 which says,"When you make a vow to God, do not delay to pay it;For He has no pleasure in fools. Pay what you have vowed. Better not to vow than to vow and not pay".The next day I told Him that I was ready to keep my promise to Him, and that I was ready to go where He wanted me to go and to do what He had planned for me. The next day when I woke up and was having some coffee, He told me that He wanted me to move back to my hometown in Indiana.The place where I said that I would never live at again. But He instructed me to go back there and live.I still don't know why.But I am still living in Las Vegas and working for Station Casinos for now.But,Who knows.I might make it back up there soon.